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Why Graduate Studies at Hokkaido University?

Do you know what attracts students and researchers from around the world to Hokkaido University?

Here are six reasons why students choose Hokkaido University for their study abroad destination.

Why Students Choose Hokkaido University 1

World-Class Institution Promoting SDGs

Hokkaido University was ranked 10th in the world and first in Japan (as of 2022) by the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Impact Rankings 2022, which measures universities’ contributions to society through Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Japan ranks first in the world for “Sustainable Development Goal #2 ‘Zero Hunger’.”

Our predecessor, Sapporo Agricultural College, opened in 1876 as Japan’s first modern university. Nestled in Hokkaido’s rich natural bounty, Hokkaido University excels in research in the fields of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

Why Students Choose Hokkaido University 2

World-Class Research University

Hokkaido University is a world-class research center. In recent years it has promoted collaboration with universities and research institutions both in Japan and abroad, and is constructing cutting-edge research facilities across various fields. Professor emeritus Akira Suzuki was awarded the Nobel Science Prize in 2010; followed by the specially appointed professor Benjamin List in 2021.

The Latest Research at Hokkaido University

Why Students Choose Hokkaido University 3

Specific Research Possible Only at Comprehensive Universities

Hokkaido University is a comprehensive university with 21 graduate schools, however that is not all that it has to offer. It is a university that actively promotes interdisciplinary education. The diversity and complexity of issues in the world cannot be handled by specifically defined fields alone. Leveraging the strengths of a comprehensive university, boasting the largest number of faculties in Japan, Hokkaido University offers multi-faceted, integrated personnel development that can respond to complex, advanced issues and the diverse needs of society. Please check the links below to see our many degree program courses taught exclusively in English.

Why Students Choose Hokkaido University 4

A Full Range of Scholarships and Reasonable Living Expenses

Hokkaido University offers a full range of scholarships as well as financial support through the university’s own financial aid system. In order to specifically provide doctoral students with an environment where they can focus on research, Hokkaido University offers a unique fellowship that covers not only living expenses, but also provides for research expenses as well.

Not only is the cost of living cheaper in Japan compared to other major world cities, but Hokkaido especially has a reasonable cost of living compared to even other places in Japan (such as Tokyo and Osaka). The cost of rental housing is of course lower, but also the food prices are low as well, making it possible to live on as little as ¥100,000 per month.

In addition to our different types of scholarships, the low burden of living costs, there is no reason to not choose Hokkaido University as your destination to study abroad.

Why Students Choose Hokkaido University 5

One-of-a-Kind Japanese Language Education System

Hokkaido University provides high-level Japanese language education taught by 30 Japanese language specialists to all on campus free of cost. This especially benefits students who want to learn Japanese in addition to researching in their respective field.

The “Basic Japanese Development Program” is perfect for even busy doctoral students.

“Really, I want to take Japanese classes, but I am too busy with my research.” That is the reality with many doctoral students. We provide “on-demand” materials for doctoral students, whose research leave them with significant time constraints, can study Japanese.

“I can’t make progress studying alone…” We can help students like this as well. We have classes that meet once a week for students to gauge their progress, interact with others, and help maintain their motivation. We support students with learning just the Japanese they need for taking proficiency exams.

Why Students Choose Hokkaido University 6

Our City is a Dream Come True for Japanese People

Despite being the 5th largest city in Japan, Sapporo is famous for blending nature and city life. Not only can you experience the seasons nestled in rich natural beauty, but also enjoy an abundance of fresh produce and seafood, and a high quality of life at a low cost. Often topping lists of most attractive cities in Japan, it is no wonder that Sapporo is seen as dream for many Japanese. From the world-famous “Sapporo Snow Festival” to the “Yosakoi Soran Festival” held in June, there are events to enjoy year-round. Hokkaido University Fisheries Sciences is located in Hakodate, a city that is well-known for its nighttime vistas. With it also being affordable and having ample amenities, Hakodate more than contends with Sapporo for most attractive city in Japan.

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