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Admission Information

Applying for graduate school at Hokkaido University is simple. Entrance exams can be passed via online interviews without having to come to Japan. Learn about entrance exams, how to contact teachers, and courses that can be completed in English only.

How to apply

Hokkaido University admission process

① Check admission requirements

Review the application requirements on the web site of the graduate school you wish to apply to see if you are eligible.

② Find a supervisor

A professor will need to agree to be your supervisor before you can apply. Clearly define your research theme and search for a potential supervisor.
The Pre-Admission Support System (PSS) is available once you find a professor of interest.*
* See more details below. Availability depends on the graduate school.

③ Check the application deadline and prepare the related documents

Incomplete applications will not be accepted, so prepare everything in a timely manner.

④ Apply

Many applicants create their application form online and mail it in together with their certificates.

⑤Take the entrance exam

A written exam may be conducted depending on your course of interest.

⑥ Exam results

Results are announced on a predetermined date. Check your results once they are out.

⑦ Go through the admissions process

Even if you are accepted, you will not be allowed to enroll unless you complete the admission procedures.

How to find a supervisor

In most cases, you need to find a professor who will serve as your supervisor before applying to a graduate school. First, read the faculty list posted on the related graduate school’s website and select a professor. After deciding on a professor, clearly define the theme of your desired research, write a research plan, and contact the professor with said plan to receive confirmation that they will be your supervisor after enrollment.

** The process for research supervisor requests differs by graduate school. Check the website of the graduate school you want to apply to for more details.

Pre-admission Support System (PSS)

Hokkaido University uses a "Pre-Admission Support System" to facilitate contact between international students and faculty members and to obtain informal consent for acceptance.
By using this system, you can quickly apply for research guidance from the faculty of your choice online. You can also receive a reply regarding whether or not your application will be accepted, so you no longer have to worry about how long you have to wait for a reply.
*Not all graduate school departments use this service. Please see below for a list of departments that use this service.

PSS User Departments: As of April 2024

Field Department
Humanities, Education, and General Arts Humanities and Human Sciences, Education
Social Sciences Economics and Business
Science and Engineering Information Science and Technology
Agriculture Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine
General Science Biomedical Science and Engineering
Health Medicine, Infectious Diseases

* Departments not listed do not use PSS.

Study in English

Hokkaido University has 9 graduate-level degree programs in English.

For details on the programs listed above, please refer to our Degree Programs in English brochure.

International students may also obtain a degree in English in other graduate schools not listed above depending on the academic supervisors. For further details please refer to International Student Prospectus.

Entrance exam details by graduate school

Humanities and Human Sciences


International Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies

Law / Law School

Economics and Business / Accounting School

Public Policy (Department of Public Policy Education)


*Please go to the respective division pages at the URL above and check there.


Information Science and Technology


Veterinary Medicine

Fisheries Sciences

Global Food Resources

Environmental Science

Life Science

Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Biomedical Science and Engineering


Dental Medicine

Health Sciences

Infectious Diseases