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Dental Medicine

Developing medical staff who will lead us into a new age of dental medicine and care

In today’s dental practices, there is a need for people with the ability to determine the nature of a problem, objectively evaluate the obtained results, and then solve the problem, as well as have the ability to accurately apply the correct information. This is due to the diversification of demands from people concerning dental care, the development of scientific technology, and the changes in disease patterns. The Graduate School of Dental Medicine conducts research and clinical work in fundamental and clinical classrooms based on each student’s ambition to meet this demand.

The Graduate School of Dental Medicine has established two courses, the Basic Oral Science Course and the Clinical Oral Science Course. The Basic Oral Science Course aims to develop personnel who wish to move into advanced dental medicine research, while the Clinical Oral Science Course aims to develop clinicians with a research mindset to resolve problems and who also have extensive expert knowledge as highly skilled professionals.


Division Laboratory
Oral Medicical Science Department of Oral Function, Department of Oral Health Science, Department of Oral Pathology, Department of Jaw Function Medicine


Oral Medicical Science Doctorate degree (Dental Medicine)


Academic fees

Fees for the 2024 academic year

Examination fee

Enrollment fee

Tuition fee

30,000 yen

282,000 yen

535,800 yen (annual)

Admission/Faculty members

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