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Health Sciences

The future of medical care for the needs of society. Developing advanced medical professionals and researchers.

Health sciences is an academic field of multi-faceted education and research centered on health, which includes initiatives for maintaining and improving health, preventing diseases, and global health, with the aim of maintaining the ordinary daily lives of people and creating the best physical and mental conditions for them until death.

The Graduate School of Health Sciences is divided into two courses, Health Sciences and Nursing. In addition to subjects for the undergraduate major study course, subjects that aim to advance students’ knowledge in health sciences have been established for the Health Sciences master’s program. These subjects include Environmental Health Sciences, Human Ecology, Cognitive Neurology, and Health Information Science. Furthermore, for the Nursing master’s program, we have added the subject groups of Advanced Public Health Nursing, Advanced Midwifery, and Advanced Practice Nursing to promote the development and advancement of public health nurses and midwives. In 2018, we started a new practical education program in the Advanced Practice Nursing subject group with the aim of developing certified cancer nurse specialists.


Division Laboratory
Health Sciences Health sciences course, nursing course


Health Sciences Master's degree (Health Sciences), Doctorate degree (Health Sciences)
Master's degree (Nursing), Doctorate degree (Nursing)


Academic fees

Fees for the 2024 academic year

Examination fee

Enrollment fee

Tuition fee

30,000 yen

282,000 yen

535,800 yen (annual)

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