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Infectious Diseases

Developing infectious disease control experts to contribute to the international community

The concept of “One Health,” which states that we need to consider the health of animals and preserve the environment on the same level as we maintain the health of people and society, is spreading throughout the international community. To overcome the many infectious diseases in the world, we must promote the “One Health” ideology and collaborate across different disciplines and areas of research.

There is a growing need for infectious disease experts due to the increasing threat of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. The Graduate School of Infectious Diseases develops infectious disease experts with a broad perspective and flexible thinking to respond to society’s needs. These experts will have practical skills and leadership in addition to knowledge of infectious diseases, which will enable them to contribute to the control of infectious diseases both in Japan and worldwide, and to the advancement of the study of infectious diseases.


Division Laboratory
Infectious Diseases


Infectious Diseases Doctorate degree (Infectious Diseases), Doctorate degree (Veterinary Medicine)


Academic fees

Fees for the 2024 academic year

Examination fee

Enrollment fee

Tuition fee

30,000 yen

282,000 yen

535,800 yen (annual)

Admission/Faculty members 

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