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Graduate School of Law / Law School

Guiding the way to learning multidisciplinary expertise in law and political science

The Graduate School of Law conducts advanced educational research into laws and political science as well as cutting-edge and interdisciplinary educational research with the goal of developing intellectual professionals that have advanced expertise for use in a wide range of fields based on the knowledge obtained through multi-faceted research.

The purpose of the Graduate School of Law’s master’s program is to guide students of law and political science who are interested in various issues and help them acquire multidisciplinary expertise in these areas of study. In addition, the doctoral program aims to further deepen the students’ acquired multidisciplinary expertise to develop excellent law and political science researchers who have the ability to respond to the academic demands of today’s society, which is rapidly becoming more sophisticated and globalized.


Division Laboratory
Law and Polotical Studies Modern Law, Interdisciplinary Legal Studies, Political Studies, Advanced Institute for Law and Politics Course
Legal Practice Private Law, Public Law


Law and Polotical Studies Master's degree (Law), Doctorate degree (Law)
Legal Practice Degree (Juris Doctor)


Academic fees

Fees for the 2024 academic year

Examination fee

Enrollment fee

Tuition fee

30,000 yen

282,000 yen

Law and Polotical Studies: 535,800 yen (yearly)
Legal practice: 804,000 yen

Admission/Faculty members

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