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Career Support

Comprehensive career support and Japanese language education

Hokkaido University, with its diverse undergraduate and graduate schools, provides students with opportunities to learn the necessary information and practical skills so that they can learn about a variety of career paths and choose a career that suits them.
Furthermore, we support each individual in finding a career that suits them by providing opportunities for matching with companies, individual career counseling, internships, etc.
If you are thinking about finding a job in Japan, your options will greatly expand if you can speak Japanese.

Career support suitable for bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees differs.

At Hokkaido University, the Career Center and the Advanced Human Resources Development Center collaborate to
We provide support tailored to each individual at a time that suits them.

Employment status of international students (data)

Course classification Country / Region Number of people
Undergraduate course United States of America 1
Netherlands 1
South Korea 1
People's Republic of China 1
Barbados 1
Mongolia 1
Undergraduate course total 6
Master's course People's Republic of China 57
South Korea 7
Taiwan 4
India 2
Mongolia 2
United States of America 1
Argentina 1
Kyrgyzstan 1
Guatemala 1
Thailand 1
Germany 1
Nigeria 1
Papua New Guinea 1
Bangladesh 1
Master's course total 81
Professional course (other than law schools) People's Republic of China 4
Professional course total 4
Doctoral course People's Republic of China 16
South Korea 5
Taiwan 4
Indonesia 3
Bangladesh 3
Egypt 2
Sri Lanka 2
Nigeria 2
Malaysia 2
United States of America 1
Iran 1
India 1
Ethiopia 1
Ghana 1
Canada 1
Cambodia 1
Kyrgyzstan 1
Thailand 1
Nigeria 1
Madagascar 1
Russia 1
Doctoral course total 51
total 142