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For parents

A support system that allows your children to study abroad with peace of mind

Hokkaido University has a variety of support systems in place to help international students who are coming to Japan for the first time smoothly start living, studying, and researching.

For example, there is Orientation for new international students, an international student support system that supports Japanese and international students with the various procedures necessary to stay in Japan, International Student Counseling Office where you can discuss your concerns with a counselor, International Srudent Support Desk where you can ask and consult with senior international students. In addition, we also provide learning support and employment support. We will support your precious child so that he or she can live a safe life in Japan.

Emergency contact system

In the event of a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake, we have introduced a ``University Safety Confirmation System'' that confirms the safety of the university and promptly contacts you. Please register the email addresses of students and parents.

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