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Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Developing future professionals who will build diverse career paths in response to the needs of society through education in chemistry.

The Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering covers a wide range of chemistry, from theoretical chemistry to biochemistry or molecular biology. The school aims to foster the next generation of world-leading frontrunners by providing an opportunity for them to gain comprehensive cutting-edge education and research experiences in these fields.

The Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering offers three categories of student class schedules: 1) the Molecular Chemistry and Engineering Course; 2) the Materials Chemistry and Engineering Course; and 3) the Biological Chemistry and Engineering Course, to provide graduate education with which students can acquire an extensive range of knowledge in various disciplines, from basic chemistry (including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry) to applied chemistry directly connected to industry, including material manufacture engineering and process engineering.


Division Laboratory
Chemical Sciences and Engineering Microscopic Chemical Analyses, Fine Chemical Reactions, Catalytic Reactions,  Chemical Process Engineering, Molecular Materials Chemistry,  Inorganic Materials Chemistry, Frontier Materials Chemistry,  Functional Materials Chemistry, Biomolecular Chemistry, Biofunctional Chemistry,  Cell Engineering, Molecular Medical Biochemistry


Chemical Sciences and Engineering Master's degree (Chemical Sciences), Doctorate degree (Science), Doctorate  degree (Engineering), Doctorate degree (Chemical Sciences)


Academic fees

Fees for the 2024 academic year

Examination fee

Enrollment fee

Tuition fee

30,000 yen

282,000 yen

535,800 yen (annual)

Admission/Faculty members

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