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Information Science and Technology

Transforming information into inspiration through the wisdom of science

Since the establishment of the former Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the present Faculty of Information Science and Technology and Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at Hokkaido University continues to advocate contributions to society using information technology based on our pillars of education and research, which are “integrating different fields with information science” and “connecting cyberspace with real space”. Taking advantage of this historical background, we will lead the way in seizing the trends of this new age and continue to promote strategies to create new trends in order to develop personnel who will create our society 10 or even 20 years from now.

The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology’s master’s program has established the Division of Information Science and Technology consisting of five courses, which are the Course of Computer Science and Information Technology, Course of Electronics for Informatics, Course of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, Course of Media and Network Technologies, and the Course of Systems Science and Informatics. Students acquire advanced knowledge in basic and specialized fields concerning information science that spans these various courses with the aim of growing to become innovative leaders who are active internationally and have excellent practical and research and development skills that allow them to create new knowledge. The doctoral program instills in students world-class research and development capabilities in specialized fields, and aims to develop frontier leaders who will globally promote research and development in advancing knowledge-based societies, amid the backdrop of international collaboration, to enable the creation of new areas of research from the integration of diverse fields.


Division Laboratory
Information Science and Technology Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics for Informatics, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, Media and Network Technologies, Systems Science and Informatics


Information Science and Technology Master's degree (Engineering), Master's degree (Information Science and Technology), Doctorate degree (Engineering), Doctorate degree (Information Science  and Technology)


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